What a glorious feeling…

Have you see this commercial? It keeps popping up on instagram on my phone. It is promoting Citibank and says something along the lines of “banking should be as free and easy”. The as is simply a chubby little girl, dancing freely in the rain.

I mean…come on! Look at that face. Such joy. Such innocence. I watch it EVERY SINGLE TIME it pops up because it lifts my spirits.

I’ve been down lately. Concern for my Grandmother, my mother, and my creative pursuits have had me in a mood. So when I find something that brings me instant relief, I cling to it. And isn’t it nice when therapy comes for free and doesn’t include emotional eating or alcohol? Those are the things I normally turn to. When depression hits, I get that dark, deep, painful hurt that takes over my mind and my body. Physically, I become sore all over, like I have the flu. I can sleep for 16 hours out of the day. A bottle of wine goes down like water and carbohydrates stand no chance. My poor husband has no idea what to do with me, and, truthfully, there’s nothing he can do. We both have to sit and wait for it to pass.

I watched this video replay on my phone at least 8 times. I caught myself smiling, looking at this little girl. Oh, to be a child again! To dance with abandon, to run around like a fool, like no one is watching. To raise my arms in the rain, my round little belly sticking out, without a care in the world! The idea thrills me. I know I can never go back to this time, but I can try to implement childlike qualities into my adult experience. I can attempt to look at the world with wonder. And, truly, friends, isn’t this world full of wonder?

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