Each day is…

Valentine’s Day. Love it. Hate it. Tolerate it. Celebrate it. Ignore it.

The choice is yours, each and every year, and it isn’t going anywhere. My husband and I recognize it, but not in an overly obnoxious way. We may go out for a nice meal, or exchange cards. It’s usually equal parts sentimental and comedic, like we are. Some of you choose to celebrate “Singles Awareness” or “Galentine’s” or, whatever the bro equivalent is. Whatever you call it, I like to think of it as a resounding call to appreciate the loves of your life.

I think we would take some of the pressure, the resentment out of the “holiday” if we brought a little more affection to every day. I think that’s one of the things that Steve I do quite well. The little, day to day, seemingly inconsequential expressions of love. We probably tell each other that we love each other 20 times a day. Not that I’ve counted, but that’s my estimate. Small little check ins. Or buying each other random tokens that we come across. Grabbing an extravagant meal just for the fun of it, because we enjoy sharing a beautiful meal together. A tiny pinch on the tush when we’re out with friends. Grabbing a massage not as gifts, but just because it’s Tuesday. But I’m very lucky with the guy I found.

Whatever you do, I wish you a day filled with love of all kinds. Go out and love yourself, your partner, your dog, your family, and your friends. Just have a great day.

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